Children today face an extraordinary range of pressures – one being getting an education. Towards the end of primary school they are told they must try to perform to the best of their ability in order to gain admission to the secondary school of their choice. They are also told that that the grades they get after leaving primary school will determine what ‘sets’ they will be assigned to.
It is only a few years after entering secondary education that students start preparing for their GCSEs which also determine which A levels (or equivalents) they are able to do. Following that they are informed of the importance of achieving the grades required for the admission to certain degree courses at certain universities. There is no denying that there is a huge amount of stress on students regardless of what stage of their education they are at.
In a recent survey by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) it was found that 55% of 338 schools reported a substantial rise in students with anxiety and stress and almost 65% said they struggled to acces mental health services for students. According to the report, although most schools offer on-site support to students such as counselling and educational psychology sessions, problems arise when students need extra support. This leads to what ASCL’s interim general secretary, Malcolm Trobe states as “a serious gap in mental health provision beyond the school gates”.
Here at Exampion, we aim to plug this gap by facilitating a Stressbuster workshop to equip our students with the skills to successfully deal with stress during the exams season.
We hope to teach that that there are ways in which students can cope with the stresses education involves and that is to become familiar with what stress is, its symptoms, how they can identify when they are going through ‘good stress’ (which will boost performance and make them work harder) or whether they are going through ‘bad stress’ where they feel unable to cope with the demands placed on them.
Stressbuster supplements subject specific tuition and enables our young people to face the exam season with renewed confidence!

Nabeela Hussain
Exampion Tutor