As a student, I remember my year 11 mocks as if they were yesterday. They completely spoiled any notion of Christmas and receiving the results was even worse but as a teacher, I could see the benefits:

1. mocks are really about you becoming accustomed to whatever kind of reaction you might have in the exam hall so you can work towards eradicating feelings of nerves and tension ready for the ‘real thing’

2. mocks allow you to practice your revision technique and quite often show up gaps in your knowledge

3. mocks enable you to practice dealing with managing time in exams – a key exam skill

4. mock results can be a ‘wake-up call’ if they were not what you were expecting

5. mock results can be a confidence boost if they were!

At EXAMPION, I am determined that we’ll help students prepare for mock exams by not only delivering our sessions with a real exam focus, but also help them overcome barriers of confidence and stress.